City Court FAQ

What if I do not have all my money to pay my fine?

You need to appear in court and upon entering a plea of guilty or being found guilty at a trial, you should request o the Court additional time to pay your fine.

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Do I need an attorney?

That is a decision that you alone must make. Everyone is entitled to hire their own attorney. In some cases, depending on the nature of the charge and whether or not you can afford an attorney, the Court will consider appointing an attorney to represent you. When you appear in court for your arraignment, if you want an attorney, you must ask for one at that time.

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Do I have to pay court cost if I pay my fine before my court date?

Yes. Court costs are due whether you appear in court or not. Costs of court are set by the Legislature and are set to defray operational costs and other expenses.

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Where can I pay my fine(s) if I do not want to go to court?

You may pay your fine (between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday) before your court date a the City Marshal’s office located in the City Court building at 2303 North 7th Street in West Monroe, Louisiana. You may call 318-396-6107 or 396-8192 for the fine amount and method of payment.

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How should I dress for court?

Court attire should be modest and respectful. All persons should be modestly covered and must wear pants appropriate (no low-riders). Shorts, tank tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, or clothing with suggestive and/or obscene logos, etc., are inappropriate attire. Anyone wearing inappropriate attire will not be allowed in court. Other than women wearing pierced earrings, no one will be allowed in the courtroom with any body piercings showing, including nose piercings, eye-brow piercings, etc.

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I missed my court date, what do I do?

Warrants are issued for the arrest of all persons who failed to appear in court. If you missed your court date you should immediately call the City Attorney’s office at (318) 396-2791. The City Attorney’s office will be able to explain to you whether you will be able to obtain a new court date, and whether you will be required to pay a fee or additional fine for missing your original court date.

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What if I’m going to be out of town or otherwise cannot be present on my court date?

First understand that rescheduling a court date is only allowed in certain circumstances, as it affects the scheduling of a number of other matters.  If you wish to request that your court date be rescheduled, you must contact the City Attorney's office at (318) 396-2791 in advance of your court date.  You may be required to provide verification of your circumstances.  You should call as far in advance as possible, and it is more difficult to obtain a rescheduled court date if you call less than a week before that date.

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Judge & Court Contact Information

Civil & Criminal Court
2303 North 7th Street
West Monroe, LA 71291
Phone: (318) 396-2767
Fax: (318) 396-2738
(318) 397-6546
City Attorney
Phone: (318) 396-2791
Fax: (318) 396-4162
Email -
Hours: Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed State Holidays
For information concerning traffic tickets -
(318) 396-6107